Boating education may lower your insurance premiums

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The Coast Guard Auxiliary has provided safe boating classes since its beginning in 1939.  Their purpose was, and as it are now, to improve safety on coastal and inland waterways for recreational boaters.  All totaled, there are 11 different courses for students from 4 years old all the way through adulthood.   Subjects range from Boating Fun and Waypoints for up to 12 years, About Boating Safety and Boating or Sailing Skills and Seamanship.  The Auxiliary also offers advanced courses in subjects such as Navigating with GPS, How to Read a Nautical Chart and Suddenly in Command for the first mate who might very well find him or herself having to take command in case of an emergency.

The slogan, "Safe Boating is no Accident," encourages every boat skipper to become involved with the safe boating process by enrolling in one of these classes ,but the process does not stop there.  Safe boating is a family affair and together the learning process can not only provide the entire crew with valuable information, but become a fun and learning experience for all.

To find out more about any of the 11 safe boating courses go to: for the nearest Coast Guard Auxiliary Public Education Class.