Military Patrons Unite to Save the Military Shopping Benefit!

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And did you know there is a new organization that has been established to provide military families with a forum by which they can act to protect their commissary and exchange benefits?

The Coalition to Save our Military Shopping Benefits is a non-profit organization established to: 
-  bring together a like minded group of individuals and entities which support the continued funding and operation of commissaries and exchanges and other important military resale programs;   
-  serve as a focal point for information involving the effective and efficient operation of the military resale system;   
-  serve as a focal point for addressing threats against the military resale system; and   
-  improve the business conditions of the military resale system

The reason the focus is Save OUR benefit is that whether you are a patron or a taxpayer you can be proud of what these valued programs deliver. Today, military families and retirees save an average of 31% by shopping in the commissary and an average of over 20% by shopping in the exchanges. These savings to military families in 2010 amounted to $5.6 billion. Defunding the commissaries and consolidating them with the exchanges would be devastating to the military resale system and to the military families who benefit from it.

S. 277 is a bill proposed by Senator Richard Burr (R-NC) which would require the elimination of the subsidy for the Defense Commissary Agency.  It would also require that DeCA and the exchanges to be consolidated into one agency, which would be funded through increased prices on all products sold.

Additionally, Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) included this same proposal in his Back in Black deficit reduction package.

The potential impact of this cut-and-consolidate proposal is the loss of the benefit and the loss of the $5.6 billion in annual savings military families currently enjoy by shopping in the commissaries and exchanges.

Military Patrons can take action by:

1.  Visiting to become educated about the benefit and how current proposals will directly impact military families.

2.  Getting involved by reaching out to decision-makers in Washington and spreading the word to the military community.

3.  Keeping Informed- The Coalition to Save our Military Shopping Benefits is working hard to ensure military personnel, their dependents, and retirees have a voice in shaping the policies that impact our nation's ability to keep the promise of a resale shopping benefit. By signing up to receive alerts and news on, they can take action on timely issues that will impact the value and availability of the benefit for all who have served.