Navy Announces Extension for Enlisted Women to Convert to Submarine Force Ratings

From Chief of Naval Personnel Public Affairs

WASHINGTON (NNS) -- The Navy announced April 11 in NAVADMIN 091/18 that the April deadline for enlisted women applying to convert to submarine force ratings would be extended to June 1.

This announcement comes as an update to NAVADMIN 300/17, which announced the fourth cycle of female Sailor selections for conversion to Submarine Force ratings. Selections from this round of applications will be for initial integration of USS Georgia (SSGN 729) in 2019, and to fill openings on previously integrated submarines in Kings Bay, Georgia and Bangor, Washington, due to personnel rotating to shore duty.

Additionally, this update identifies required naval enlisted classifications (NECs) for Information Systems Technician conversions utilizing the new NEC construct. Since available rating quotes will be filled as applications are processed, it is recommended Sailors submit applications as soon as possible. Applicants can expect to be notified within one to two months after they have submitted an application.

For E-6 and below Sailors, the following submarine career fields are open for conversion: Yeoman Submarine (YNS), Culinary Specialist Submarine (CSS), Logistics Specialist Submarine (LSS), Sonar Technician Submarine (STS), Fire Control Technician (FT), Electronics Technician Submarine Navigation (ETV), Electronics Technician Submarine Communications (ETR), Information Systems Technician Submarines (ITS), Machinist's Mate Weapons (MMW), and Machinist's Mate Auxiliary (MMA).

For E-7 and E-8 Sailors, the following submarine career fields are open for conversion: ITS, LSS, CSS, and YNS. Personnel Specialists (PS) and Independent Duty Corpsmen (IDC) will also be considered.

For eligibility criteria and point of contact information, please read the NAVADMIN located at