Movie Exhibition Industry Shows Gratitude to Military

American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, April 20, 2007 - Servicemembers and their families are being treated to free movies and refreshments, thanks to a member of the motion picture exhibition industry.

National Amusements has teamed up with the United Service Organizations of Metropolitan New York to offer free movies, popcorn and small drinks to active-duty military personnel and their families through April 30.

Beginning May 1, all National Amusements movie theaters in the United States will continue to show their appreciation to military personnel by offering a discounted general admission rate of $7, with $5 rates for matinees and children.

The partnership with the movie theaters is the single largest donation the metropolitan New York USO has ever received, said Brian Whiting, USO executive director.

The ability for military and their loved ones to receive complimentary movie admission, popcorn and refreshments is an immeasurable contribution and will make a direct impact on the lives of our servicemen and women, he said.

"This program will serve thousands of our armed forces and their families who sacrifice so much for our country," Whiting said. "Allowing military members to get back in touch with family after a long stretch in combat is an experience that can't be matched."

"The USO excels at providing the programs and services that the military and their families need for recreation, entertainment and to build community and keep families connected in challenging situations," said Shari Redstone, president of National Amusements.

National Amusements wanted to continue that tradition, and what better way to offer enjoyment and relaxation, and to keep families together, than with the magic of movies, Redstone said.

"We are very excited to offer this program to our men and women in uniform, and their families," Redstone said, "as a small token of the appreciation and respect we feel for those who serve our country and put their lives at risk on a daily basis."

National Amusements theaters are located in the following states: California, Connecticut, Iowa, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Virginia. More information about specific locations can be found at

(Compiled from a National Amusements news release.)

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