Department to Review Military Medical Rehabilitative and Administrative Care

NEWS RELEASES from the United States Department of Defense

 The Secretary of the Army and the Secretary of the Navy have begun a review of the medical care provided at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and the National Naval Medical Center to those wounded in service to their country.To complement these efforts an independent review group will be formed to look into outpatient care and administrative processes at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center and the National Naval Medical Center.

The group shall promptly conduct its work and report its findings and provide recommendations to the Secretaries of the Army and Navy and the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs.
"The quality of medical and rehabilitative care for all service members at our DoD facilities is second to none," said Dr. William Winkenwerder Jr., assistant secretary of defense for health affairs."We are committed to improving the clinical and administrative processes, including improving temporary living conditions for our service members and their families."

The group will have unrestricted access to all facilities and personnel and will be provided appropriate assistance and administrative support to conduct this review.

The group shall also have a special advisor not serving as a member of the group, who can provide special advice and expertise in the area of social work, rehabilitation, psychological counseling and family support issues.

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