Cards for the Troops

I created the following letter in hopes of getting greeting cards to send to the troops.  Can you help?? I haven't had a very good response so far.
Thank you
Jennifer Nelson

Dear Family and Friends,
Please don't delete this message.  Give me a few minutes of your time.  Most of you know that Erik is in Iraq.  If you don't well now you do.   

Everyday the kids and I check the mail to see if there is anything in it from him.  We go through it looking for his return address on the cards.  We all get so excited when there is something there.  I know several of you have been there and know what I mean.  Email is terrific and I don't know how we ever did without it.  BUT, to get something in our hands from our loved ones makes us feel like we have a piece of them.  It makes us think, hey they were thinking of us right then and there.  Erik tells me that the selection of cards when he is deployed is not so great. 

Just to tell you how great I have a little story to share.  Erik and I laugh about it a lot.  He has been gone for the last 2 Anniversaries. 1st in Quatar and then Korea.  We laugh because 2 years in a row I got the same exact card.  I love those cards and still have them,
but it goes to show that there isn't much selection. 

So I got to thinking.  If Erik and the guys and girls who are on a base don't have much selection what about the troops in the field.  They have none.  They don't have the option of going to the local Hallmark store to buy a Birthday, Anniversary or Just Because I love you card. 

This is what I want to do.  I would like each of you to go out and buy 1, or 2, or however many you can afford. Cards that are mushy, funny, Birthday, Anniversary, I love you, Thank you, etc.  And send them to me.  I will get them all together and send them to Iraq, afganistan, Quatar, and the other places that I can get addresses too.  If you can't afford to buy anything right now that is fine. 

I definitely know what that is like, but could you forward this letter to all of your friends?  I hate Forwards and I know most of you do, but this is something we can do for the guys and girls over there.  Just think if you were that guy or that girl in the field and your son or daughter had a birthday coming up.  What if you couldn't even send a card? 

Lets make sure that if they want to send a card to their family they can.  The post office gives them free postage so lets give them the cards to send.
Thank you
Jennifer Nelson
115B Hickory Lane
Eglin AFB, FL 32542

NOTE fm BJ 'n Cindy -
We have cards that can be purchased in our online store and sent directly to Jennifer.