Deployed Parents to View DODDS-E Graduations

WIESBADEN, Germany  Deployed service members will be able to view their seniors crossing the stage and moving their tassels from right to left via live Web casts on graduation day.

The efforts of eight defense agencies throughout European Command and Central Command will allow at least 18 graduation ceremonies to be viewed by an estimated 179 deployed parents in Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa and other locations around the world.

The first graduation ceremony is expected to be webcast on June 7. Ten graduation ceremonies will take place simultaneously on June 9. The last ceremony will be webcast on the evening of June 16.

Some of the schools identified as participants in the graduation Web casts are: AFNorth, Bamberg, Baumholder, Bitburg, Giessen, Hanau, Heidelberg, Hohenfels, Kaiserslautern, Lakenheath, Mannheim, Naples, Ramstein, Sigonella, Vicenza, Vilseck, Wiesbaden and Würzburg.

Using emerging Web technologies, deployed parents will also be able to view student messages recorded for the occasion and talk one-on-one with their graduate via video teleconference or Web cams following the ceremony.

This is the third year the effort has been undertaken. For more information, contact Dennis Bohannon at 0611-380-7612. Department of Defense Dependents Schools Graduating Students with Deployed Parents  2006

School     Branch     Dep     Location of Graduation     Date     Time German
AFNorth     USAF     22     Stadsschouwburg, Sittard     Jun 16     1900
Bamberg     ARMY     05     Seehof Palace     Jun 9     1800
Baumholder     ARMY     28     Rheinlander Comm. Ctr.     Jun 9     1900
Bitburg     USAF     04     St. Salvator Basilika, Pruem     Jun 9     1830
Geissen     ARMY     10     Kongresshalle, Giessen     Jun 9     1900
Hanau     ARMY     01     Kahl Festhalle, Kahl     Jun 9     1900
Heidelberg     ARMY     18     Kongresshalle Stadthalle     Jun 9     1830
Hohenfels     ARMY     02     Festhalle Rieden, Gut Matteshof     Jun 9     1800
Kaiserslautern     ARMY     14     Haus des Burgers in Ramstein     Jun 9     1800
Lakenheath     USAF     05     Ely Cathedral     Jun 9     1900
Mannheim     ARMY     06     Rosengarten     Jun 10     1800
Naples     NAVY     01     St. Elmo Castle     Jun 9     1600
Ramstein     USAF     14     Barbarossa Hall, Kaiserslautern     Jun 7     1900
Sigonella     NAVY     1     Naval Station, Community Plaza     Jun 10     1800
Vicenza     ARMY     02     Downtown Teatro     Jun 11     1930
Vilseck     ARMY     06     Max Reger hall in Wieden     Jun 10     1600
Wiesbaden     ARMY     11     Kurhaus in Wiesbaden     Jun 11     1600
Würzburg     ARMY     02     Congress Centrum, Wurzburg     Jun 9     1900
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