Baby, Come Back Home

Baby Come Back Home

Carly GoodwinBaby, Come Back Home

Carly Goodwin is an emerging young star on the Nashville scene. She was born in the mountains of upstate New York, and has lived in various parts of the country. Now 22, Carly has been determined to have a singing career since the age of 7. After graduating from the University of Michigan last year, she headed to Nashville to follow her dream. Her ultimate objective is to make a positive difference in the World. She is currently working on production of her first album of original songs.

Carly found her voice in country music. “I can sing anything, but I find I sing through my heart when I sing country songs. It touches me like no other music. With experience in every sector of music from opera to rock, Carly feels there is just something more genuine about the world of country music. Quite simply Carly says, “In country music you're allowed to be yourself.” The community-oriented country scene also allows the stars to interact with their fans with an unparalleled equality. There are no fans like country music fans! These are real people living real lives, just like me. I love to sing for them. Stars are just people too, and I love the interaction with the fans at events like Fan Fair.”

The song Baby Come Back Home was written by Goodwin, her mother Gail, and Nashville songwriter Gerald Smith. Carly and Gail Goodwin felt that the hardship, emotional and otherwise, of the wives and sweethearts left at home must be terrible at times and was not receiving much attention. They feel the families of our troops are heroes, too.

Because of the very strong reaction to this song and because it applies so much to current events, it was decided to release it immediately by non-traditional means. When Carly sang at a recent event in Orlando, fans literally stormed the stage to get one of a dozen copies of the song handed out. The song is being sent over the internet for free (for a limited time) and to radio stations directly. Please feel free to make as many copies as you like. Participants in an internet poll where the song can be listened to are giving the song a rating of “hot” by more than 95%.

People who like the song are being urged to pass it on to others and ask their radio stations to add it to their play list. It would be great if radio stations are swamped with calls! Stations may not be willing to download it. If so, let us know and we will mail them and you CD’s upon request.

Mark Victor Hansen, author of the best-selling Chicken Soup for The Soul series is one of her biggest fans, stating: “Carly Goodwin, I predict, will have one of the great careers in country music. Why? Because she sings like an angel, is lovely to behold, packs tremendous loving emotion into her music, and her lyrics are heartfelt. Her music is Chicken Soup for MY Soul.”

The song can be listened to at and downloaded from

Carly has received invitations to sing at some military bases around the country and is making plans to do so. She would like to sing at several bases and hopes to receive more invitations. She welcomes hearing from people at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.